How to Get Through the Holiday Season After a Divorce


The holiday season is a time of joy for many. Family and friends gather together to celebrate the past, show gratitude for the present, and look toward the future. However, if you recently got a divorce, this is probably not the most wonderful time of year for you. You should not let feelings of dread or depression keep you from embracing the future and its possibilities. We compiled a list of several tips to help you survive this holiday season and create new traditions you and your loved ones can cherish for many years to come.

Tips to Help You Navigate the Holidays

Much of your life likely changed in the aftermath of your divorce. You can also expect many of your holiday traditions to change as well. Although the mere thought of having to alter or eliminate some of your time-honored customs might make you shudder, you and your family should see this as a chance to create something better and more representative of your new life.

Here are some tips that will help set you on the right path:

  1. Do not compare yourself to others: If you ever scrolled through your social media feed during the holidays, you know it is full of pictures and posts about people spending time with their loved ones. Life looks perfect on social media because we only share the very best moments of our lives online. If you try to compare your life to what you see on Facebook or Instagram, you will never be content with reality. Consider taking a holiday break from social media to avoid this pitfall.
  1. Start planning: It is not too early to start planning for the holidays, so make sure you review your holiday parenting plan now. Doing so will help you avoid planning activities with the children on a day that belongs to your co-parent. The less you step on each other’s toes, the better you can reduce conflict.
  1. Do something different: If you do not have your children on certain special days, such as Thanksgiving, it does not mean you cannot celebrate it with them at all. Think outside of the box and celebrate it on a different day. Nothing is stopping you from doing something different and creating traditions that are your own.
  1. Be bold and proactive: It can be hard to reach out to others, especially if you are feeling down. However, being alone during the holidays is a surefire way to allow yourself to feel depressed. Call your friends, ask them if they have plans, or host your own gathering.

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