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Both parents have a legal responsibility to provide for the financial needs of their children. Child support may be ordered during a divorce case by filing a separate petition, or the parents may come to a written agreement. 

The Hudson Valley child support attorneys at Letterio & Haug, LLP can advise you about how child support guidelines apply to your unique situation.

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Child Support Guidelines in New York State

In New York, an Income Shares Model is used to determine child support. This model uses the income of both parents to calculate child support. The idea is that children should receive the same percentage of the income of their parents as if the parents had not divorced. The guidelines use a percentage of the combined parental income, which varies according to the number of children.

The percentage of combined parental income varies by the number of children, such as:

  • 17 percent for 1 child
  • 25 percent for 2 children
  • 29 percent for 3 children
  • 31 percent for 4 children
  • 35 percent for 5 children

How Long Do I Have to Pay Child Support in NY?

You will be required to pay child support in NY until the child is 21 years old. According to New York state law, if the child is under 21 and married, self-supporting, or in the military, that child is emancipated, and the parents' obligation to child support ends.

In addition, there could be circumstances that may justify an increase or decrease in the amount specified in the guidelines.

Our Hudson Valley child support lawyers can review your situation and recommend the best course of action for you.

Can A Lawyer Help Reduce Child Support?

A New York child support attorney can help you change the amount if necessary, by filing a “Motion to Modify”. Your lawyer can help you prepare the documents for your hearing, gather important evidence, and present your case to family court.

Child Support Modifications

After a child support order is in place, an automatic review for cost of living adjustments is required every two years. When a change in circumstances occurs, such as a job loss, significant change in income, or relocation,it may be possible to request a child support modification.

Life circumstances can change after a child support order has been established. If you find yourself facing financial hardships or significant changes in your life, it may be necessary to modify the child support agreement to better reflect your current situation.

Common reasons for seeking child support modifications include:

  • Loss of employment or significant decrease in income
  • Change in custody arrangements
  • Medical or educational expenses not accounted for in the original agreement
  • Remarriage or new financial responsibilities

Why Choose Our Hudson Valley Child Support Lawyers

At Letterio & Haug, LLP, our experienced child support attorneys can guide you through the process of seeking a modification. We will assess your unique circumstances, gather necessary documentation, and advocate for your best interests in court.

It is important to note that child support modifications are not automatic and require a legal process. Our knowledgeable attorneys will ensure that your case is presented effectively, increasing your chances of a successful modification.

Don't navigate the complexities of child support modifications alone. Contact our trusted team at Letterio & Haug, LLP today to discuss your options and get the dedicated representation you deserve. Our child support attorneys in Dutchess County have two decades of combined experience to guide you through the process and provide reliable legal advice.

If your spouse is behind on child support payments, our firm can help you enforce an existing custody order.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What happens if my ex-spouse doesn't pay child support?

If your ex-spouse doesn't pay child support, you can seek enforcement of the child support order through the courts. Our child support attorneys can help you with this process.

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