Common Mistakes Made During Child Custody Disputes

Child Custody

Child custody matters are overwhelming and it is not uncommon for emotions to run high and take over, given the importance of these delicate and sensitive issues. Allowing your emotions to influence your decisions and sit in the driver’s seat is a major mistake, however. Although child custody is an emotional topic, you need to approach your case with reason, logic, and an interest in supporting the wellbeing of your children.

Many of the most common mistakes made in child custody disputes are actually avoidable, so it would be wise to take a moment and familiarize yourself with these common errors.

Preventable Errors You Must Avoid

Everyone makes mistakes, but the ones you make during your child custody dispute can impact your life for years to come, so it is crucial to heed your attorney’s advice.

Here are some of the missteps you need to be aware of:

  • You are not involved in the lives of your children: If you want to vie for child custody, failing to remain involved and interested in the lives of your children is a rather poor way of proving you deserve more time with them. Do you show support for the extracurricular activities your kids partake in? Are you available for parent-teacher conferences? Be as involved as you can possibly be to show the court how important this issue is for you.
  • You refuse to be civil with your co-parent: You do not have to be friends with your ex-spouse, but you should try to be as civil as possible with him or her for the benefit of your children. Otherwise, a judge will believe you are being unsupportive of your former spouse’s relationship with the children. Never forget that family courts believe the involvement of both parents to be within the best interests of their children, so if you are being uncivil and unsupportive, this will ultimately work against you.
  • You speak negatively about your former spouse in front of the kids: Even if your ex-spouse cheated on you. This is not the sort of information your children will benefit from hearing, so refrain from badmouthing their other parent when you are around them. If you continuously criticize your co-parent in front of them, you can damage their relationship or make them feel guilty for wanting a relationship with their other parent. Not only is this a big mistake in a child custody case, but it is substantially harmful to your children.
  • You ignore court orders: You might disagree with a court order, but you should not disobey it. If you have to pay child support, make sure you faithfully make these payments and go through the proper legal channels to change it in the meantime. Ignoring or disobeying court orders is not an option!

It is crucial for every parent to use common sense when it comes to child custody disputes. Be a supportive, responsible, and loving parent to your children and never fail to obey a court order. Above all, hire an experienced Hudson Valley attorney!

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