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Child Custody

Tips to Prepare for Your Child Custody Hearing

If you are getting a divorce and share children with your soon-to-be former spouse, one of the most sensitive matters you will address in court is child custody. As you begin to prepare for your hearing, keep in mind that the court will render its decision based on what is believed to serve the best interests of the children.

Moreover, although this process is often wrought with intense emotions, you must set these feelings aside to avoid acting impulsively. Making an emotional decision at this time can end up having some undesirable consequences.

Give Yourself the Best Possible Chance

Proving to the court that you can provide a stable and loving environment for your children is a process that begins before you ever step into the courtroom.

Here are some of the ways in which you can begin preparing for your child custody hearing:

  • Show that you are responsible and involved: If you have a temporary custody order in place, make sure you stick to it and avoid skipping scheduled visitation. Show you are reliable and responsible by picking up and dropping off your children on time. Additionally, if your children partake in afterschool activities, attend them to show you are engaged in their lives.
  • Make sure your home is safe and supportive: The home environment you provide for your children must be safe, loving, and supportive. If other individuals frequently visit your home, vet them. Anyone with a felony or a history of drug use should not be invited into your home. It would also be unwise to invite a new romantic partner to live with you or spend the night until after your divorce is finalized.
  • Exhibit good character: Showcasing good character is also crucial in a child custody case. Arguing with your ex in public or disparaging him or her to your children are not examples of showing good character. No matter how angry you are, a judge will not view this in a favorable light.
  • Work with your attorney: Your divorce attorney is looking out for you. However, to provide the services you need, it is essential for you to be entirely honest and avoid omitting important details. Regardless of the shame you might feel regarding some of the parenting mistakes you made in the past, you need to share them with your attorney. Lying will harm your chances of obtaining the custody arrangement you desire.
  • Do not be an uncooperative co-parent: Family courts generally believe the continued involvement of both parents is in the best interests of the children. If a judge believes you are being unsupportive of your children’s relationship with your ex, you will feel the negative consequences of it in court.

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