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Whether you are a tenant trying to fight an eviction or a landlord trying to evict a tenant, you need strong legal representation to achieve your goals. As a landlord, you may need help with creating a lease or dealing with a tenant who is not paying rent or damaging the unit. Perhaps you now need the unit for a family member, must sell the property, or perform repairs. As a tenant, you may be facing a landlord who entered your domicile illegally, engaged in harassment or coercion, enacted a reduction of services, failed to perform proper repairs, illegally increased rent, or tried to end your tenancy.

Letterio & Haug, LLP provides effective advocacy to both landlords and tenants. Backed by nearly two decades of experience, our landlord tenant lawyers in Hudson Valley have helped countless clients resolve their eviction problems. We can assist you, too. Our real estate team can navigate you through the legal process as we defend your rights and help you make sound choices about your future.

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When Can a Landlord Evict a Tenant?

According to New York law, a landlord is able to evict a tenant on specific grounds, such as in the event of a holdover or non-payment of rent. A holdover case occurs when the landlord believes the tenant violated the terms of the lease in any way other than non-payment of rent.

Holdover cases frequently involve lease violations such as:

  • Harming or destroying property
  • Having an unauthorized pet or appliance
  • Overstaying the expiration date of the lease
  • Subletting to other people without permission
  • Engaging in activities that are bothersome to other tenants

The other common reason for eviction of a tenant, non-payment of rent, is self-explanatory. This happens when a tenant fails to make their monthly rent payments on time. When these types of disputes cannot be settled, the tenant may be served with a formal notice of eviction by the landlord.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we're ready to help. Contact us to speak with our Hudson Valley landlord tenant lawyer.

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