Tips for Rebuilding Your Friendship with Your Ex After Your Divorce

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Finding yourself divorced after a once beautiful marriage can leave you feeling lost, confused, and alone. It’s natural to feel like all hope is lost when it comes to having any kind of relationship with your former spouse post-divorce, but don’t give up just yet.

Rebuilding a friendship with an ex after divorce can be daunting. However, it's possible if both you and your former partner are willing to put in the hard work. In this blog post, we’ll cover some useful tips on how this rebuilding process can take place, so that even through a tough situation like divorce, you may find yourselves forming a close connection again.

How to Rebuild Your Friendship with Your Ex-Spouse Post-Divorce

The following are a few tips for repairing your friendship with your former spouse after your divorce is final:

  • Take a step back and give yourself the time you need to heal. Moving on after a divorce is a difficult and challenging task, but it is possible. While rebuilding a friendship with your former partner may be desirable, it can also be difficult to navigate during this period of healing and reflection. That’s why when considering reconciliation, it’s important to take a step back and give yourself the time you need to heal. Not only will this allow for the hurt and pain to abate, but it’ll also give you time to carefully assess the situation before making any decisions, because a friendship that is built on a firm foundation of trust and understanding is key for any successful reconciliation.
  • Re-evaluate your expectations. Rebuilding a friendship with your former spouse can be exciting and rewarding. However, it's important to take time to re-evaluate your expectations. It can be easy to let our eagerness dictate the speed at which we're ready to progress with the friendship, but this process should always be managed carefully and respectfully. Before you dive into the challenging task of rebuilding a connection that was once so close, think about what kind of friendship you want from this person and what each party is prepared to bring to the table. In short, being honest with yourself and open about your expectations will help make for a healthier bond in the long run.
  • Be open to communication and talk honestly about past issues. After a divorce, it's understandable that talking about the past may be difficult. But, to start rebuilding your friendship with your former spouse, it's important to be open and honest about previous issues. Take the time to sit down together and discuss what happened in the past, instead of letting grievances remain unresolved. Having conversations like this will help you both begin to move on from the heartache of the past and bring an understanding of how you each can move forward. Communicating openly is an integral part of forming a new friendship with your ex-partner, so don't be afraid to reach out and have honest conversations.
  • Focus on activities that do not involve talking about your divorce. Reconnecting with a former spouse can be an immensely difficult and trying process. If you are looking to rebuild your friendship, the best place to start is to focus on activities that do not involve talking about your divorce. Look for activities that both of you have in common or ones that can help foster new memories together. Enjoy leisurely conversations about pleasant topics that don’t require any negative memories to surface, such as interests or current events, or even plan outings to a local attraction or park. By focusing on activities rather than discussing the painful parts of the past, you can find ways to start bringing back friendship and companionship into your lives while laying the groundwork for potential future healing conversations.

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