What If My Ex-Spouse Violates the Terms of Our Divorce Settlement?

Recently, Rudy Giuliani was accused of violating the terms of his divorce settlement with his ex-wife Judith Giuliani. According to Newsweek, Judith Giuliani has been forced to file a lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani to recover $262,000 she claims she’s owed as part of their divorce settlement.

In the lawsuit, Judith Giuliani claims that her ex-husband owes her $140,000 related to their condo in Florida. Judith Giuliani also claims in the suit that Rudy Giuliani owes her for payments to their housekeeper at the Florida condo, and that a check that Rudy Giuliani wrote to her for $10,000 bounced.

Judith Giuliani’s lawyers alleged that Rudy Giuliani is in contempt of court for failing to make good on the $10,000 payment. If Rudy Giuliani fails to clear up this matter, he could face severe consequences, including arrest, wage garnishment, and imprisonment.

Options for Enforcing a Divorce Settlement in New York

If your former spouse violates the terms of your divorce settlement, you have several options, including the following:

  • Marital Debt – If your ex-spouse is failing to pay their share of marital debts that you both share responsibility for, you may be able to file a lawsuit against them for the amount they owe on the debt. Since both your names are attached to the debt, even if you pay your share on time and in full, the fact that your ex does not could still stain your credit and result in debt collection actions against you both.
  • Child Support, Visitation, or Spousal Support – If your ex isn’t complying with the terms of a court-ordered child support, visitation, or spousal support agreement, you should hire a divorce attorney and file a petition of contempt. This will allow a judge to force your ex to comply or risk having their wages garnished or serving time in jail. In the case of visitation disputes, those claims often result in court proceedings, so make sure to have your documentation in order, including details of how your ex-spouse prevented you from seeing your child and records of every missed visitation appointment.

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