How to Get Through the Workday During a Divorce

Getting a divorce can be an immensely distracting experience that might make it feel impossible to get anything done due to all the emotions you are feeling and responsibilities on your plate. The world will keep turning, however, and you will still be expected to do your job, so you cannot afford to let this obstacle get in the way of your duties.

Although your boss might be understanding of your hardships during this difficult time, you need to do your part by taking any necessary measures that can help you maintain focus, so your ability to remain productive will not suffer.

Here are some tips that will help you power through the workday during your divorce:

  • Do not read or respond to divorce-related messages: One of the best ways to keep your workday from spiraling out of control is to avoid any divorce-related messages while on the job. Unless there are any pressing legal matters that require your attention, save these messages for when you are not on the job and trying to focus. Let your attorney know that, unless something is urgent, you will tend to divorce-related messages only after your workday is over. You might also want to ask your friends and family to avoid calling or sending messages about your spouse or divorce during the day.
  • Keep your mind occupied: There is a time and place for working through your emotions and work is certainly neither of those things. Unfortunately, if you are not relatively busy at work, your mind will start to wander, likely troubling you with thoughts of your divorce. To keep this from happening, try to stay busy and keep your mind occupied. The busier you are, the less time you will have to think about your divorce.
  • Do not share the news with everyone: Although it would be a good idea to let your boss know that you are getting a divorce, particularly since you might have to take a day off here and there to either attend court or mediation sessions, you should otherwise be more selective about who you tell about your divorce. If you tell too many of your co-workers about it, they will likely continue to bring it up in the future, prompting you to talk about how your divorce is progressing, which will not do you any good. Much like it would be best to avoid divorce-related messages at work, you should also avoid talking about it with your co-workers.
  • Prepare some answers: Even the co-workers who do not know you are going through a divorce will notice something is off about you or that you seem a little down. Have some stock answers prepared in case they ask if something is wrong. Keep it short and polite, so you can quickly move on.

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