Does My Ex Have to Prove How They Use Child Support?

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The co-owner of the Chrysler Building and his estranged wife made the news recently. According to the New York Post, Alvina Collardeau-Fuchs, the estranged wife of Michael Fuchs, the billionaire real estate mogul who co-owns the Chrysler Building, is demanding over $50 million as part of the former couple’s divorce settlement.

Michael Fuchs has claimed that his estranged wife’s demands are nothing more than greed. Alvina Collardeau-Fuchs has countered with the claim that her demands are in line with the soon-to-be former spouses’ prenuptial agreement. Reportedly, Collardeau-Fuchs is requesting $50 million for herself and $1.34 million for child support (the couple shares two young children).

In addition to claiming that his estranged wife’s settlement demands are greedy, Michael Fuchs is alleging that the $1.34 million she is requesting for child support is just additional spousal support in disguise.

Can I Have the Court Oversee How My Ex-Spouse Uses Child Support?

Child support is often a point of contention for divorcing parents. For those receiving child support, they usually feel they aren’t receiving enough. For the spouses who are paying child support, they want to know that the child support they are paying is being spent on the children and not on things that their ex wants that have nothing to do with the kids.

However, New York, like most states, does not require parents receiving child support to prove what they spent the money on. This means that it is difficult to have the court oversee how an ex-spouse is using child support.

In some cases, parents who pay child support argue that their ex isn’t working, or is only working part-time, and is living off the child support money they’re paying. However, it can be difficult to prove whether a parent is using child support money for inappropriate expenses, such as alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. Plus, the court often doesn’t have the time or resources available to track how parents are spending the child support payments they’re receiving.

If you believe that your former spouse is misusing child support, your best option is to contact an experienced child support attorney. An experienced lawyer will be able to determine if you have a claim, and if so, they will have the resources available to help you prove your case and hold your ex accountable for misusing child support.

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