Creating Consistent Household Rules After Divorce

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Consistency is essential for children, especially in the aftermath of a divorce when life can feel uncertain. Since your children will spend time with both you and your ex-spouse, it is important to create a consistent set of household rules and routines in both homes. Instability and inconsistency across your households will confuse your children and create a lot of stress and anxiety for them. Of course, co-parenting with your former spouse can be a little difficult, so we compiled some tips that will help you achieve some consistency with your ex-spouse.

Working with Your Spouse to Create Consistent Household Rules

Predictable routines are important for children and although they may not like every rule you make, understanding the consequences and rewards for their behavior will help them grow. Working on creating these rules, however, might be a difficult task for former spouses. Even if you are on bad terms with your ex, you must set these feelings aside to give your children the support they need.

A structured routine will teach them discipline, help them manage their time, and lessen the confusion they may be experiencing during this challenging time.

To create these rules and routine, you and your spouse must ask each other several questions:

  • Are there any issues you are willing to be flexible with?
  • Are there any issues you take a steadfast position on?
  • What are the consequences when your children fail to comply with the rules?
  • How will you reward good behavior?
  • How should you communicate these household rules and routines to your children?
  • Do you foresee any problems with your approach to enforcing these rules?

Some of the issues you should discuss include bedtime and curfew. These may seem like minor matters, but agreeing on how they will be handled will be immensely helpful for your children.

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