Signs that Indicate You Should Consider a Divorce


No one can tell you when divorce is the right decision. You are the only person who can know for sure if your marriage is at an impasse. That said, sometimes seeing the signs can be a little difficult. How can you know for sure if this is the end of your marriage or if you should simply try to make it work? There are some signs that often indicate pulling the plug is the best choice, which we will review in this blog. Ultimately, the choice is yours in the end.

Recognizing the Signs

Many of us appreciate having a little guidance when making a big decision, especially one as life-changing as divorce. These signs are meant to help you evaluate the health of your marriage and decide whether or not it should continue or be dissolved.

Below are some of the most common signs that indicate your marriage is headed for divorce:

  • You prefer to be on your own: When you started seeing your spouse, you probably could not get enough of him or her and looked forward to your time together. If the thought of being alone now is what makes you tick, then this is a pretty strong sign your marriage is in trouble.
  • You despise it when your spouse touches you: Part of a healthy marriage involves physical intimacy, so if you can no longer tolerate the mere thought of your spouse touching you in any kind of loving way, then your marriage is certainly in trouble.
  • You have cheated on your spouse repeatedly: Infidelity is always a tell-tale sign that that a marriage is suffering from some serious issues. If you or your spouse cheated on you, you might need to call it quits.
  • There is nothing your spouse can possibly change that would change your mind: In some cases, people already know what they wish their spouse would change to make things better. However, if you believe there is nothing your spouse can do to change that would give you a better outlook on your marriage, then there is nothing more that can be done to fix the marriage.
  • You tried marriage counseling: There are a lot of things spouses can try out before deciding to move forward with a divorce, including marriage counseling. If you already tried these options, however, and still cannot imagine a future together, you might want to consider getting a divorce.

No one can make this important decision for you, so make sure you consider these signs carefully and consult your own feelings about your marriage. Once you make the decision to get a divorce, however, make sure you hire a skilled legal professional to represent you.

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